Thursday, 1 November 2012

Low Housing Allownace of Public Servants in Papua New Guinea

It is the 21st century and Papua New Guinea has developed quite well in most areas but very poorly when looking after its public servants when come to better pay and conditions.The  current Housing allowance for PNG public is K7.00 this is very low and cant even afford a rent...This K7.00 is unrealistic and needs consideration because rental prices for a house in PNG is around K500 to K700 per week.Some are even K3000 per week...The rent prices is rising but the salaries and wages of public servants are too low, some are K400 others are K500 to K700...We definetly need to adress this housing allowance of public servants quickly before this problem leads to rapid expansion of settlements in urban areas because public servants are now leaving cheaply in settlements...This might lead to ther problems of social disorder and crime.

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